The evolution of digital consumers

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Nowadays, the consumers have two choices, to be a traditional consumer or digital one.

The main difference between the two options is that in previous years, the relationship between business and consumers was unilateral and short term. The traditional consumers were recipients of messages from limited advertising channels. However, with the rapid development of technology, this seems to be changing fundamentally. The traditional consumers are converted to digital consumers who are much more demanding.

The businesses should understand that they are operating in an increasingly digital world, where consumers are often more informed.

Digital consumers have gained power over the Internet. Now, they are sharing reviews on products and recommending their favorite ones. This fact creates an indirect advertising or even defamation of the products and the companies, consequently.

In digital marketing, it is important to pay attention to rapidly evolving communication channels. The consumer behavior is changing because of the enabling nature of digital technology and an easy access to information.

Combining the above with the rapid increase of consumer preference in e-commerce, leads to the conclusion that the traditional retailers, the e-commerce platforms and the social media must work hard to gain their buying audience. The shopping experience should become more interactive and be an important tool in corporate strategy.

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